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Spring Equinox
Rebirthing : The Divine Within

Near Uvita, Costa Rica 

March 16-23, 2023

A ReGenerative ReTreat to Nourish Your Journey on The Spiral Path in the South Pacific Costa Rican Coastal Jungle


During the course of the week, we DEEP DIVE into The Spiral Path, The Cycles of Birth, Life, Death and ReBirth that are always occurring. With practice, you are completely ReBirthed each morning… even with every sacred breath you take.


A Coastal South Pacific Oasis 

Our home for the week is off the beaten tourist path. 

We'll awaken every day to the sound of the Pacific Ocean waves crashing and a symphony of Macaws and Monkeys in the lush coastal jungle near Uvita, Costa Rica. 


"Playa Ballena, where the lush green mountains meet the vast blue Pacific Ocean. Here, the sun rises over the wild green mountains and burns off the mist that comes off the jungle and sets over the seemingly infinite Pacific Ocean with colors you didn't even think existed."


The area is so pristine that we can drink straight from the spring, Agua de Pipa. It runs off the cliff onto the beach.

This ALL inclusive Dream Retreat by the beach entails:


  • Cultivate a Morning Practice if you don’t already have one…..

One of the most powerful choices you can make to impact positive change in your life.


  • Each morning we will rise just before the force of the sun.


  • In the quietest time of the day we begin with Sacred Intentional Healing Systems Powerful intentions and affirmations.


  • We walk the pristine beach as the sun rises and practice ReBirthing, Kundalini Yoga Series on the beach each morning. This is one of the most pristine magnificent beaches you will ever visit….As a bonus you will receive the 33 class series in digital format to practice upon returning home. 


  • Receive a powerful “Divine Purpose Ascension Alignment Technique and reading”. These are some of the most effective tools I have found to manage your energy field and Fully Activate your Divine DNA Light code Blueprint….If you want to go deeper, you can purchase the Ascension kit to work with. It includes crystal enhanced laminates with sacred geometry symbols a 33 card deck, guidebook, crystal pendulum, and you will be a practitioner of the system. 


  • 2 Shamanic Breathwork Ceremonies


  • An optional Sacred Mushroom Ceremony with integration support even after you return home.


  • New Moon Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance 


  • Edible facial bar. A one of a kind experience. Learn simple ways to unveil your radiance from the inside out. Basic fresh ingredients that you can eat and slather on your skin.


  • A waterfall excursion

  • A small intimate group, no more than 11 participants

  • All Fresh, Delicious, Organic meals are included and prepared with love and artful creativity by our magnificent chef. Vegetarian, Pescatarian, vegan and gluten-free options available.


  • Luxury accommodations steps away from Playa Ballena and the Pacific Ocean


  • A FREE gift from your Hosts


  • Bilingual English and Spanish


  • Airport transfers







Want to know more?

Book a FREE discovery call with Tami to know if this retreat is right for you!






This is a Transformational Retreat Overflowing with rich experiences, Immersing yourself in the majestic elements of the southern pacific coast of Costa Rica…


Every detail of our weeklong immersion is carefully curated to provide all of the support you need to;






Home Sweet  Home


The “Base Rate” for your 7-night Transformational Costa Rican Retreat is $2530!


This includes a Twin Bed in a Shared Room with a shared bath… We have 2 of these available.


Lodging Options:

The price here INCLUDES the Base Rate


  • Private King Size Bedroom with a Private Bathroom, The Master Suite $2930 - We have only 1 of these. 

-If you wish to share this room with someone you know, the second guest will pay $2530, the Base Rate. 

-If you are open to sharing with someone you haven't met yet, let us know in your booking consultation.


  • Double Bed, Shared Room, Private Bathroom, $2730


  • Double Bed, Private Room, Shared Bathroom in The Casita with Tami and Merryn $2830


  • Twin Bed, Shared Room, Private Bathroom, $2570


Register NOW! Space is limited.


I Want it ALL 



I Wanna Make Friends!




Add Ons 


Sacred Mushroom Ceremony 


You are invited to join a Sacred Ceremony to connect deeply to the Magic of Medicinal Mushrooms!  If this energetic and spiritual journey is right for you at this time, you will receive a one-on-one consultation and intake process that includes filling out a detailed health form and meeting with Merryn virtually before the retreat begins. 


Imagine sitting in ceremony in the Coastal Jungle, enjoying the fire as we sing, move, meditate, and experience the full range of our humanness and our divinity together. 


You are invited to come as you are and you will be supported as you are. You will receive an integration circle the following day and then another one-on-one virtual integration session 1-2 weeks after the ceremony. 


Investment $300 


Sananga and Rapé Ceremony


Dive deeper into the medicine path with these powerful medicines of the jungle. Allow Sananga, medicinal eye drops, and Rapé, tobacco in powder form, to physically and energetically cleanse your body. The investment includes preparation time and a 1:1 integration session in the days/weeks following the ceremony. 


Investment $45


Therapeutic Massage

We have allowed plenty of free time when you can schedule a massage. We have arranged for a talented group to be available with a variety of modalities to suit your needs and provide an unforgettable experience.


IHS, Intentional Healing Systems, SACRED

Divine Purpose Ascension Alignment Kit 

Tami is thrilled to share 2 of the most powerful tools that have helped her heal lifetimes of trauma. Kundalini Yoga and SACRED.

SACRED uses Sacred Geometry, Crystal Technology, Intentions, Affirmations, visualizations, and EFT tapping to help you become the master of your energy field.

The Ascension Tool Kit includes;


  • The AscensionTemplate Workshop, 3 hours of training,  virtually after the retreat

  • Key-card deck 

  • Crystal activator pendulum

  • 3 Crystal infused Laminated tools with 33 Sacred Geometry Symbols, Sigils and Seals 

  • A comprehensive  guidebook.


Investment $330 includes shipping your tool kit

Meet your Co-Creators

Tami and Merryn are the facilitators and co-creators of the sacred space we will all hold together!

Let’s Work Together

Send a message to begin our process together.

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