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Our Mission

At Entheogration we aim to provide trauma-responsive support and somatic-based guidance through our various wellness offerings to create space for and support the activation and sustainability of our client's innate inner healer. Our main work is supporting the preparation, experience, and integration of altered states of consciousness. 

About Entheogration

At Entheogration, we provide support and guidance in connecting with and learning from and with Entheogens. In doing this, we use various healing modalities such as yoga, nervous system regulation, ancestral work, somatic practices, sound healing, and more. We strive to hold ourselves in integrity as we create a mutually beneficial and consensual container together to integrate what you experience, learn, hear, and sense in sacred connection to the entheogens and to support you in integrating, remembering and embodying that wisdom into your daily human life.  Our mission is to support you in a deep process of unraveling, of re-membering your authentic being, and encountering and cultivating sacredness in your daily life through learning to be in right relationship with the Beings of the earth.

Key Components


Under the current system, we witness ample power disparities. Top-down and power-over approaches create a divide between those who have the knowledge and those who do not. At Entheogration, we believe that all beings have the power to re-member and re-connect to their innate wisdom and personal power. Through our support and guidance, we aim to create a container where you activate this power and wisdom within you through somatic awareness, yoga traditions including breathwork and meditation, plant medicine ceremony, and more. Furthermore, the tools we teach you are all things you can do with and for yourself. Our hope is to work ourselves out of a job!  You are your own medicine and when applied with intention and persistent love you become your own healer. 


Let's face it.  The majority of the population has experienced some kind of trauma, whether they are conscious of it or not. In shadow work, in yoga practice, in plant medicine ceremonies, these traumatic experiences are bound to show up.  These healing modalities involve consistent support and attentive care with various important goals, including not retraumatizing you, feeling safe enough to be with your thoughts and emotions, moving through them with compassion, and diving deeper into your personal path of healing. We are trained in nervous system regulation, in maneuvering triggering experiences, and, of course, in being fully present and responsive to what is needed at the moment. We also recognize that working with plant medicine is an incredibly vulnerable space that requires transparency and authenticity. At Entheogration, we strive to adhere to these requirements in our daily lives and daily work. 


Many indigenous cultures believe in and commit to sacred reciprocity; that there exists a mutual exchange between all beings in the material and spiritual realms. When we take part in this communion and ceremony, we always put forth an offering as part of that mutual exchange. Regarding sacred plant medicine and the protection of our planet, we owe unfathomable support to indigenous people, tribes, and leaders of all kinds who carry the wisdom of the planet and who continue to risk their lives to protect their cultures, lands, and traditions. At Entheogration, we commit to financially supporting specific indigenous tribes and indigenous-led organizations with at least 15% of our annual profit. We do so with deep gratitude and committed responsibility.


We aim to expand and evolve ourselves and others. A deep connection to the land and our ancestors, as well as the physical, energetic, and spiritual body, offers a regenerative connection. We work to renew and restore the severed relationship between humans and all other parts of nature by embodying the basic understanding that we are nature. With this understanding, our work together is like that of a rebirth that regenerates your body, mind, and spirit. 


We strive to provide accessible services. All of our offerings are available on a sliding scale basis, where we have a standard price, typically for an hour or per session. On one end of the scale is the scholarship price which offers our service at a reduced rate. On the other end of the scale is our abundant price for those that can afford the standard price AND would like to support someone receiving the scholarship price. If the scholarship price on our sliding scale is still inaccessible for you, please consider sending us a message to work out a more appropriate exchange for you. We truly believe in Entheogenic Integration work and hope to share it with all those willing to answer the call to dive deeper into themselves. 


Engaging in Entheogenic integration work is hard.  There's no way to sugarcoat it- nor would we want to.  At Entheogration, we have committed to the process and journey that this work requires and entails for ourselves, which is ever-evolving. It does not always happen in the way that we want it, nor the timeline that we hope for.  We ask those who decide to work with Entheogration to commit to themselves and their own process, allowing the time and space necessary to face themselves. We commit to supporting you in your journey, wherever it takes you. 

~do no harm~

We are committed to ahimsa, or non-violence in Sanskrit. This principle is deeply intertwined with the harm reduction that is integrated into our preparation work together, whether that be for a yoga class or a ceremony.  One way we navigate harm reduction is through an extensive intake form, that is used as a reflection tool for the client and a compass for us. 

Our Story

Over the past 10 years, Pedro and Merryn have been working with plant medicines formally and informally in South America, South East Asia, and the U.S.A.  Their knowledge and experience stem from years of personal exploration and ceremonial experience, which includes studying and sitting at the feet of shamans, guides, curanderos, and teachers.  As yoga teachers, their work is heavily guided by the Ancient Yogic wisdom of the East.  After many years of learning, studying, experiencing medicine and going through our own journeys of re-membering, re-connecting, and healing, we continue on the medicine path by helping others to re-member, re-connect, and heal themselves.  

Together, they operated an Integration Center in Ecuador offering yoga classes, sound healing sessions, plant medicine ceremonies, moon circles, permaculture gardens, and much more. 

Meet your guide

Merryn's Journey

Storytime with Merryn...

I began physically connecting to the psychedelic realm in 2012 when I was 15.
I felt a drastic shift in my perspective and at the same time felt like I had known that this realm existed all along, because I had seen it in my dreams and sensed it through conversations with Other beings.

For several years, I felt like I had to keep my experiences a secret- most certainly from my family and even some of my friends. I had little to no support or guidance, not even from the people who supplied me with various psychedelics.

My connection to nature, and then the spirit realm, increased exponentially as I recreationally consumed psychedelics. I definitely felt a deep reverence for the earth and her inhabitants and had had small rituals since my experience began, but I did not understand what ceremony was at that time.

It wasn’t until I moved abroad and then attended college that I experienced ceremony.

Years passed, and I shared my love for psychedelics with friends, neighbors, and anyone who enjoyed exchanging experiences about altered states of consciousness and what all of that means in daily life. As a self-proclaimed Psychonaut, let’s just say I took great pride in my mental and physical garden. I began to remember and practice particular psychic abilities at this time.

I grew up practicing yoga thanks to my mom who ran yoga studios, yoga programs like Yoga in Schools, and yoga trainings and workshops. From a young age, I experienced peace in that sense, and I truly know that if I had not had an understanding of yoga from a young age and used it as a tool to support me, I would still struggle with my mental health. My breath is what brought me back to myself again and again and again. I also regularly spoke to plants and other beings from a young age- and regularly received a response.

At a small town liberal arts college, I studied Global Health Studies and Community and Justice Studies. I learned from and about leaders such as Bessel van der Kolk, Audre Lorde, Judith Herman, Robin Wall Kimmerer, David Emerson, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Hala Khouri, Toni Morrison, Peter Levine, Catherine Cook-Cortone, Kimberlé W. Crenshaw, Dick Shwartz, Amy Weintraub, Angela Davis, Bo Forbes, Paulo Freire, Dr. Nadine Caron, and many many more.

I worked for local organizations and local political campaigns that changed the way I saw the world. I got to dive into a real community doing truly life-changing work. The mentors, teachers, and supervisors at this time in my life truly shifted my perspectives and showed me what it was like to have agency and support in a small community. I hold so much gratitude for all my guides at this time.

My “dark night of the soul” began in my last year of college when one of my best friends from high school killed himself. I turned inwards, became depressed, and sunk into survival mode.

After graduating and being laid off from a job, I booked a one-way flight to South America. It was there that I understood, felt, and embodied the concept of an Entheogen, of ceremony, of spiritual intention, of spirit.
I had the privilege of experiencing various earth medicines whose roots run deep all over South America. From Tobacco to Bobinzana, from San Pedro to Coca, I studied both by the book and through practice, ceremonies, and plant dietas.

My first experience drinking Ayahuasca was in the Ecuadorian Amazon with a local Kichwa tribe whom I grew to love and appreciate dearly.

My experiences there shook me to my core, or what I understood as my core. I promptly fell into another “dark night of the soul” as they say and was lost and sick for some time as I traveled. Unfortunately, I was so lost that I studied with a “shaman” who had irresponsible practices with medicine and within and around ceremony. Needless to say, I learned a lot about how dangerous this work can be and vowed to hold safe and spiritually supported spaces.

Thankfully, a very important teacher came into my life who guided me and held enough space for me to heal myself- or at least uncover what needed to be healed.

Here I stand as a recovering people pleaser, a past church-goer, an ex-spiritual bypasser, and a healing egocentric being who has dived deep into the depths of my own darkness and come out on the other side with a smile on my face and lightness to my being.

And here I will sit in ceremony with you, to hold non-judgmental and loving space for you as you dive deeper into yourself.

I share pieces of my journey with you to illustrate how non-linear life can be, as well as to share some of my personal catalysts for how I got here to this moment.

Thank you for reading.

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