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Welcome to Entheogration!

Take a deep breath, and let's chat about Entheogenic Integration

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Welcome precious being,

to the next step in your journey!

If you're anything like me, you may have a thousand questions on how, where and when to begin or continue this part of your journey. If you're just starting out, please read the About Us page to get a sense of what we do and if you feel like you would benefit from our services. 

Green Forest

Where to Start

Let's begin by roughly defining this process

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en·the·o·gen·ic in·te·gra·tion

/enˈthēəˌjenik, in(t)əˈɡrāSH(ə)n/

Connecting the experiences, thoughts, sensations, etc that occur during an entheogenic experience (a non-ordinary state of consciousness) to daily life (normal states of consciousness). 

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